Cape Cod Pet Sitting

Cape Cod pet sitters, dog walkers, dog daycare, boarding kennels and other pet related services.

Today’s busy pet owners are looking to pet sitting, dog walking, dog daycare and other boarding kennel services to help keep their pets happy and entertained while they are gone for the day or away on business or vacation.

At Home

Your pets stay at your home and are taken care of there. This leaves you with a couple options. Hiring a pet sitter or a dog walker.

Pet Sitting

A Pet Sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of a pet at your home. The pet sitter will make scheduled visits to take care of your pets while you are at work or while you are out of town on a vacation or business trip. Some pet sitters may offer live-in and/or overnight care at your home.

Dog Walking

A dog walking service is pet sitting for dogs on an ongoing basis, like during the work week. A dog walker is usually hired to visit dogs that need attention and to get outside while the owner is at work or otherwise away from the home.

Pet sitters and dog walkers may offer “pooper scooper” or dog waste removal services as well. If not, there are local pet services that offer this.

Away from Home

The pet is cared for at another location, not at your house. There are several options for your pet to be taken care of outside of your home. There are many local services that offer dog daycare, boarding and kennel type services for your pets. MA State Law requires special licensing for what is considered a kennel, see below.

Pet Boarding, Dog Day Care and Kennels

Today there are services known as pet daycare or “doggie day care”. The dog is dropped off while the owner is at work or away from the home and picked up later on that day.

Long term overnight boarding of pets, like while you are away on vacation, would require having your pet stay at a traditional boarding kennel. Some pet day care services may offer long term boarding kennel services as well.

Your pet sitter may offer to take care of your pet at their home while you are away, but depending on the situation, they may not be able to do so legally (see below).

MA State Law definition of a “kennel”:
“Kennel”, one pack or collection of dogs on a single premises, whether maintained for breeding, boarding, sale, training, hunting or other purposes and including any shop where dogs are on sale, and also including every pack or collection of more than three dogs three months old or over owned or kept by a person on a single premises irrespective of the purpose for which they are maintained.

Pet care has come a long way in recent years and services that cater to pet owners are keeping up with the trend. Pet sitting and related services are one of the hottest work at home business startups.

Cape Cod pet sitting, dog walking, pet boarding, day care, kennels and other pet related services.

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Cape Cod Pet Sitting

Cape Cod pet sitting, dog walking, pet boarding, pet day care, kennels and other pet related services.


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